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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  June 5, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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now at 6. problems on the carquinez bridge. how recent damages half could affect your ride to work this morning. we're monitoring muni this morning to see if there's another day of sickouts for drivers.
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and scary moments in southern california as a military jet comes crashing down into a neighborhood. happening now, police are investigating the death of a man. it happened in san jose, that's where we find kron four's mike pelton. mike? we could finally be seeing an end to days of extended muni delays. half this is all because of a labor dispute between the agency and its operators.
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kron four's will tran is live at the west portal station in san francisco with an update, will? 555 out of 600 of the vehicles are in operation this morning. a look at how uneventful it is this morning. only 45 people have called them sick. and at the height of the monday 400 people. with every passing day it has got a much better. and if you're in to restore your life on cable cars to constantly have learned from this morning that the cable car is also an operation fifth things are looking so well right now we've been monitoring the situation and i have yet to see 1 percent drop anyone off here at westport of
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new this morning.whooping cough is making a comeback in california.and especially in parts of the bay area. the california department of health reports just this year more than 26-hundred cases of whooping cough have been reported so far
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this year. that's more cases than the state had for the entire year of 20-13. the county with the most cases.right here in the bay area. sonoma county.reported 410 people caught whooping cough.most of them young children. happening now.
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the c-e-o of general motors mary barra is holding an employee town hall meeting in detroit. this comes as we're set to learn more today about the company's massive recall on tough those faulty ignition switches and why it took so long for g-m to issue it.
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documents reveal executives knew about the problem for at least a decade. during that time, at least 13 people were killed in crashes tied to the problem. [bl ris]
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work and back to the kron4 morning news there's a traffic updates for you from the bay bridge toll plaza it is already backing up were talking transit renounce and of course the big news is bart backed up muni backed up to normal muni has no delays
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happening now. san jose police are investigating the death of a man. police found the man on the ground in the 500 block of piercy street around 1:30 this morning. he was found unconscious with multiple injuries. kron four's mike pelton is on the scene, we'll have an update with him later in the newscast.
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and new video in this morning out of southern california, where a marine jet crashed into a neighborhood. the harrier jet. out of yuma, arizona. exploded on impact and set two homes on fire. this happened in the town of imperial. east of san diego. and near the mexican of imperial. east of san diego. and near the mexican border. who are you? [whispering] i'm the breakfast fairy. what are you doing? leaving you a few bucks. that's all you need for my - sourdough breakfast melts, with your choice of ham, egg and cheese, or bacon egg and cheese,
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thank you! dedicated bankers born to go the extra mile. you've been such a big help. it's what i like to do. so you can choose a bank where helping people comes first. chase. so you can. foggy conditions by the coast gray outside but yet to this again is going to be nice and warm for you. >>: 4 inland spots is going to be a fourth of mid-90s by sunday so if it's pretty nice it's nice when you have an uncertain time nice when you have it for weeks on end. in this weekend it's just a policy of this pot of canada cool right back down again so it can enjoy a
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milder conditions again. this is the view of course live from our world camera gray. is it a wind blowing just a little bit out there in the distance. we've got fog and low cloud cover. for much bay area wide. and as for the usual pattern will see it clear from the east bay in the inland first grid of the thick fog is going to stick on the coast to release the cause any way even for this afternoon briefly temperatures not a conflict that widespread 60s to the heart of the bay of little or inland by this afternoon for by noontime look for a piece to be a great time to start get outside. many interest much of that hour. here's a quick snapshot of the temperatures were looking for this afternoon piquancy and act in livermore reddick the 90 degree mark critical simplesse in 1087 for you 83 in san jose to the south of san jose and altman valley looking for about 91 and 99 degrees. across the north
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into the upper seventies to low 80s, later on this afternoon. that's the way today is shaping up as to the pictures of their around the forecast to be a silver going to keep on the warm side as darya and i were talking about the beginning of this after this weather updates reflect a little misty of the weekend with temperatures approaching of the triple digit parts. and
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here's a live look at the
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scene in imperial. of the marine plane crash. and new this morning.*another military aircraft crashed into the pacific ocean overnight. the navy says the jet was trying to land on an aircraft carrier off the coast of san diego around fix ten last night.
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fast when something went wrong. the pilot ejected from the aircraft. and it went down into the water. the navy says pilot is listed in stable condition. coming up. a truck driver seen dragging a dog on the back of his pickup. we'll show you where it happened.
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and the american soldier freed from afghanistan won't be getting a welcome home party. find out why. return to index of stories... and here's a live look outside. golden gate bridge in santa rosa, temperatures today the top stories on kron 4 dot com right now: a man trying to pass himself off as a police officer is caught. by a real detective who he tried to pull over on the road in florida. the detective got suspicious when he didn't
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recognize matthew mcmahon. he says he's seen a lot of police impersonators. but never one who ordered him to stop his car. you can read more on this story on our web site. plus. a fire broke out at a home in antioch early this morning. morning. you know what? why don't you go get some frozen yogurt. i got this. you're so sweet. you got this, right? i do got this. from the shelf, and to your home. starting at $99.
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food is up 46. . >>: live in the weather center with james taking a
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look at what we have this morning. some clouds. >>: but also we have some sunshine. a carbon copy. so if you like it we have yet a little bit more of it. if for now was walking through what we are expecting. here's your daily pattern. african and south poles bay and one. i know some are going to warm things up quickly. by the bay 70 for you if you're going to be inland anything from 82 for the six degrees. the debt by three afternoon. a few more.
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if you're the coast of the low 60s. yes the back up bridges back into the macarthur maze of the drive time is even from 24 is just 20 minutes and stays around that. when nine days to still incident and your ride to the golden gate bridge. which is here. cracks on the
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roadway bridge. it was just built over 2¢ to 10 years ago. the morning mark 3 yes of those zero cracks were discovered on may 15th during an expression. that opened up and the 2003. here's a photo by caltrans.
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why only are they correct in the joint but also some pens and some metal plates that naso compromise. . according to about hoss he says average is still sturdy and is not being compromised. but they are going to to a permanent fix in the weeks and months ahead. they will have an and then have an exact time not a side note. these are the same joints that are and the other bay area averages including the new bay bridge 3 this obviously it is a developing story. they are are telling us exactly when those with the repairs on this but it is an ongoing issue that is the update >>:it happened just after midnight on westbourne avenue near harbor park. no people were hurt but a dog was injured in the fire. you can read more on kron
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four dot com. and in alabama, a driver is seen dragging a pitbull tied to the back of his pickup truck. it happened as he was pulling into a gas station off the highway. the driver gets out, cuts the rope and leaves the dog you can see the video for yourself on kron four dot com more local news and the big stories you need to know
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about still ahead. at * *6-17 * we're now getting the audio from the 9-1-1 call made about beaten giants fan bryan stowe. you'll hear some of that emergency call. then at * *6-19 * another scandalous video of justin bieber. this time saying he wanted to join the k-k-k. and at * *6-25 * we'll show you how women are shopping each other's closets for clothes without
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having to leave their homes. new details in the brutal beating of giants fan bryan stow. we now have the 9-1-1 calls made just after the attack. which changed his life forever. the two men responsible for the beating. have been
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sentenced. now stow's family is suing the dodgers. alleging in- adequate security at the stadium. the full recording of the emergency call. was played for the jury hearing the case. take a listen. the entire 911 tape was played in court on wednesday during a civil trail. stow is suing the dodgers and the former team owner for inad security at the stadium the day his life changed forever. you can listen to the full tape on our website kron
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43. president obama did a
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camera around. let's listen in for a minute. >>: today and a new century are to democracy's continue to stand for and hold the same values and the world. democracy and liberty and the rule of law. will continue to watch as this is going on right now and belgium. also happening right now live look from the tried to gm ceo maryborough. in announcing 15 employees have been fired over the company's recent ignition switch recall. brown
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releasing details of an internal investigation of the bay area weather and traffic with an update of your weather forecast with james fletcher pre cure is that live look again. wall was officials and really nice shot. unless clouds. was also sunshine coming through. we began to sit in any state thrift four centers are going to be on the mild side. " condense
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space san jose. in the bill very similar to what we saw yesterday but will add a couple of areas of forming. by 9:00 expect widespread 60s for the heart of the bay changing to '70s by noontime agreed to be a good one to be and that by the hour. eighties in the south bay. at that point approaching the 90 degree mark. if i know we should get there. san francisco will stand a mild slap on the '60s. did the difference and just hand among a handful of miles.
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good chance of seeing triple digits. monday tuesday wednesday things going back down. now to traffic george what are we looking at. a priest in the state. at the bay bridge not seeing the back up. still 28 to 22 minutes of the macarthur maze for the westbound ride fifth fleet in the approach backed of only over the
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westbound lanes to it is as good news 3 your ride to the sound until bridge. a problem free so abundant that 13 minutes from real time. and no loss of about ride. which is still foggy. with of the some drive times for you now. 16 to 18 minutes and now as you head down to the university ave. fog as it has all towards likely fly through the san ramon valley looks good. 580 heavy through livermore. solvay freeway this year was great. no real problems except on 11 here in morgan hill. where things are delayed. there's an accident north bound. rider around tyre the greek god to drive. that's backed of the ride coming out of gilroy. and we still have a fog adviser in place for of from the chp. fry one at highway 35. air
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north bay ride looks good. through marin county. starting to pick up a little slowing just south of highway 37. >>: it's just not right what they did. it hurts everybody who was there for her. she was a violent pre issue as a sweet innocent girl. it's sad that he took her from us like that. it's no respect for this. >>: a protest that half moon bay after a sheriff's deputy shot and killed this girl with special needs. 18 year- old junior us around all garcia. what you're stepping responded to recall that the now 11 fat man the the family, one lawmaker that it wanted a paramedic to come and help her make her take her pet medication. instead the deputy arrived saw her holding a knife and shot her. >>: there was no confrontation. the way that
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the deputy came to my sister. she felt she felt threatened. she felt really scared. unfortunately it's a split-second decision we have to decide what you're going to need to do and what the situation to arise your life is that stake unfortunately. sometimes you take action. >>: the shooting is not under investigation under the salmon to assurance office. and the bay area sports update the oakland a's over coming in for run deficit and they beat the new york yankees and new york 7-4 for their fifth straight victory. johannes céspedes camarena four straight. céspedes also had three hits to help a small to a season best 15 games over the 500 mark. they have the best record and the american league. and the giants tried to 11 and cincinnati. michael morrison, and with two out
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elected as a video of a father lip-synching with his six year-old daughter has gone viral. the clip show 60 j stevenson and her father alex performing the songs a love as an open door from the movie frozen. for the video has been watched over 1 million times since it was posted in may. heading into
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the next hour. a pull a, he saves the score. the score was found floating and this pole. the return man pulled a little score all out from him and starts giving him that. he brought back to life. he has picked up and started breathing. and gave him a little padding and a score of actually fully recovered and ran away about an hour later. a very to score on an amazing tale of survival. >>: sadly but an hour. >>: somebody stuck a camera and to a hotel gemma and polenta and saul who look was lifting weights. .
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obama. look at the president. i'm always and i was it doesn't have pounder's 3 and out of the face of what it meant his the way to correct but maybe to join the culprit this is considered a major security breach and did something not talk to your radnich with three to the president's lifting form as we head into the 7:00 hour. >>: some surfersroute taken a dt route. taking the waves on the colorado river. check this out. this is a water phenomenon called the big sur and every year redraws servers and kayakers out. has a business as to those of 11. it only happens when conditions are just the right to. since hot
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